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Whether you want to live, work, invest, or retire in Portugal, having a bank account is essential for many reasons. You can access the MultiBanco network, pay bills without fees, transfer money within the SEPA zone, and establish residency more easily.

Our expert team is dedicated to simplifying the process of opening a bank account in this beautiful European destination. Whether you’re a business looking to establish financial roots or an individual seeking a seamless banking experience, we offer comprehensive guidance tailored to your needs.

With in-depth knowledge of Portugal’s banking regulations and a streamlined approach, we ensure a hassle-free account opening process. Discover the ease of managing your finances against the backdrop of Portugal’s stunning landscapes.

To open a bank account in Portugal, you typically must provide a valid ID such as your national identity card or your passport, NIF, the Portuguese tax number, proof of address, and proof of employment, proof your home country Tax Compliance.

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